For Sale: 1997 Nissan Maxima SE 5-Speed

We bought this maxima in 2000 with 60 thousand miles on the odo. Since then it has been used as a commuter vehicle in a rural area (ie easy highway miles). The car now has approximately 146,000 miles on it and is still running strongly. This car has been very trouble free. The only work that we had done was to change the spark plugs (this is easy to do, I did it myself), replace the starter, and replace on oxygen sensor. That is it. The CARFAX report is spotless for this car. It does have some strange paint peeling on the lower part of the rear bumper, so it may have had a slight rearending, followed by a very poor painjob on the bumper, but that was from the previous owner. It is hardly noticeable and other than that, the car is in excellent shape for its age. The paint looks good and the engine is still very strong. Five speed maximas are not very common and this is a good chance to pick up one at a reasonable price. This car is extremely fast and would be a good tuner project. Much life is left in the engine. Everything works extremely well. The BOSE stereo was removed as the CD player stopped working. It was replaced with a JVC MP3 CD player. We still have the original unit and will include that with the car. We are asking $5000 for the car. Don't be afraid to make an offer.


New Info, Compression test:


Test Psi

1 180
2 180
3 175
4 180
5 175
6 175

The Nissan Manual says the optimal compression is 185psi, minimum is 142. Max differential between cylinders is 14psi.

Spark Plug Pictures:

When I did the compression test, I took a picture of each spark plug. Click on the link for a large pic:

Plug 1

Plug 2

Plug 3

Plug 4

Plug 5

Plug 6




Here are some pics of the car. Click on them for a bigger pic:



Email me if you are interrested!

Edited 2/22/05